PAINT and MAKE a ceramic Friendship Necklace ... a creative Birthday Party idea,

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Looking for a creative Birthday Party idea or something special for a Hens Party or a Girls Night out?

Then this might Friendship Necklace class be for you and your friends.

This Ceramic class is suitable for kids, adults and small groups.

Check out the students gallery tab for inspirational ideas. 

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How This Class Works ...

Invite friends say for a Birthday Party, Hen Party, Girls Scouts, Old Scholars, Family, Rellies, Work Collegues etc.

Each person receives as many beads as there are guests of my Handmade Ceramic Bisque Beads and chooses a theme to paint as their signature bead, a style such as swirls, dots, lines, bullseyes, hearts, flowers, crosses etc.  Using special formulated water based "Underglazes" paint away on a selection of bisque beads that I have made.  Once finished, leave the beads with me so I can paint two coats of glaze - to make it glossy - and fired it a second time in my kiln.
Once your your beads are fired, and this process may take a week or two, I will be in touch and let you know if it has survived, because (rarely) sometimes things break in the kiln, and arrange for your Ceramic Creations to be collected from my studio or have them posted to you.